There’s no need to worry about sudden emergencies or business opportunities requiring a cash outlay when you have a savings account ready and waiting. A statement savings account is secure, provides extra flexibility and easy access to funds via ATM or at BSNB locations. You can also transfer money between your accounts using online or mobile banking.

Customize your commercial savings account with the following services:



Statement Savings


Prepare for emergencies and opportunities by establishing a savings account.

Minimum to Open


Minimum to Avoid a Maintenance Fee

Daily Ledger Balance of $100 or more

Maintenance Fee

$5 per quarter if daily ledger balance falls below $100 on any day

Earns Interest

Earn interest with a daily ledger balance of $100 or more

Check Access


* Savings accounts are subject to transaction limitations as required by Federal Regulation D. Savings and Money Market withdrawals are limited to 6 pre-authorized electronic transactions. This includes any pre-authorized, automatic, telephonic or computer transactions to another account of yours with us and/or transfers or payments to a third party each monthly statement period. Withdrawals made in person or at an ATM are unlimited.

Are your employees covered by a high-deductible health plan (HDHP)? 

Consider offering an employer-sponsored Health Savings Account.  To learn how this account can benefit your company and your employees, visit our Health Savings Account page.

Why should you choose BSNB for your business savings account?

  • Convenient monthly paper statement or estatement  
  • Low balance to avoid maintenance fees
  • Excellent customer service coupled with a full suite of products and services to help you manage your business

For additional options, see our Commercial Money Markets, Commercial Certificates of Deposit, Financial Services or Trust Services pages. 

Get Started

Check out our current rates.

To open an account, visit any BSNB location.

What will I need to open an account? Review our convenient checklist.

For more information, please call Customer Service at (518) 885-6781 or speak with a relationship manager at any BSNB location.

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